about me

My name is Clare Power. First, I would like to thank you for taking time to visit my website. I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and my journey.

I am a fully qualified counsellor and I work as an integrative counsellor. Methods I use are person-centred, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). We will work with whichever method best suits your needs. I am registered with the BACP and work in accordance to its ethical framework.

Coming to counselling can be emotionally difficult and that is understandable. I myself suffer from depression and anxiety. One time in my life I felt like I was in a dark tunnel and could not see a way out. I also know what it is like to live with physical pain as I suffer from fibromyalgia, which is a syndrome that effects muscles and soft tissue and comes with debilitating pain that can also affect you emotionally. I was able to find the right counsellor and through therapy and by working together with my counsellor I began to build trust and started to get better.

Because of the way you are feeling now, it is probably hard for you to comprehend that you can get better. But believe me it is possible! I know that, not just from my studies when becoming a counsellor, but from my own personal experience.

Finding the correct counsellor is paramount as this is key in helping you on your journey. I am very open and honest person, I am not there to judge you in any way. I am very passionate about my work and together we will explore your situation and I will help you find solutions to any difficulties you are experiencing. I offer you a safe place to talk about anything and reflect on your life.

I offer one-to-one counselling in the Ballymena area. I wish you will contact me to arrange an appointment. Thank you for taking time to read my story.

I look forward to hearing from you.


MY QUALIFICATIONS and background

Foundation Degree in Counselling:
University of Ulster – Northern Regional College

Certificate in Counselling:
University of Ulster – Northern Regional College

Study areas:

  • Person Centred

  • Psychodynamic

  • Cognitive Behavioural

Member Organisations:

Volunteer work:
Child Contact Centre (Antrim, Ballymena and Larne)
Training to volunteer for Women’s Aid (Antrim)


  • Autism (Child Contact Centre (Antrim Ballymena and Larne)

  • Psychological Assessment of Client Issues Masterclass – Galgorm Training Consultancy

  • Safeguarding children (HSE)

  • Dementia (HSE)

  • Bereavement (Cruse)

  • Child bereavement (Barnardos)